All programs are $5 per scout and last approximately 1 hour. 

girl scout programs


Daisy Scouts: Learn about money, old and new, and the value of a dollar. How has that value changed over time?

Making games

Brownies: Learn about games from 100 years ago and make a historic scavenger hunt, create a mystery game, and develop a whole new sport.


Brownies: Solve problems on the farm. Use our box of simple machines to create inventions for use on the farm.

My family Story

Brownies: Create a family tree and share your story. Learn about  family stories from Loudoun's history as well. 

playing the past

Junior Girl Scouts: Become a character in our gallery and learn about daily life on the farm. 


Junior Girl Scouts: Experiment with gardens and explore our community gardens. Create a garden to take home with you.

Cub Scout and Boy Scout Programs

making my family special

Tiger Scouts: Learn about chores on the farm and how they compare to chores that we do today. 

what makes america special

Bear Scouts: Discover what it means to be a good citizen and learn about some of the citizens represented in our museum gallery.

Gold Award and eagle scout projects

girl scout gold award

Complete your Gold Award project with guidance from Museum staff. All projects must be approved by Heritage Farm Museum staff. 

eagle scout project

Work with the Heritage Farm Museum staff to create a lasting project for the Museum.